Karim Reyes Santiago

August 18, 1971 --- June 20, 1999

Words of Appreciation from Karim's Family(Nov. 2000)
Karim's Watch Post in Shimanto Gakusha (四万十楽舎・カリムの川見やぐら)
CV(in Japanese) * CV(in English)
Veracruz-Net (in Spanish)
Memorial Pages in Kochi National College of Technology
KLUG/Kochi-INET Joint Meeting (To the Memory of Karim 12/11/1999 at Kochi University)
Graduate thesis at Kochi College of Technology(in Japanese, uploaded 12/10/1999)
Funeral Service (in Japanese, revised 09/21/1999) Photo (rev 09/27/1999)
Message from the President of Kochi University (in Spanish, rev 09/21/1999)
Kochi Shinbun (Newspaper) Article (07/02/1999) * with color photo